Customer Reward Point (Online)

Welcome Reward 

Every new customer who registered with the "Create An Account" button will get a voucher worth RM6. To qualify for the Welcome Reward voucher, you only need to spend a minimum of RM50 after registering. When the status of the ordered item updated to "Delivered" by Admin OrenOnline, you will receive an email from which contains a voucher code of RM6. The voucher may continue to be used for subsequent purchases on our web.

Reward Point

Every Ringgit spent on our web has points. With RM1 you will receive 2 points. For example, for the purchase of an item priced at RM90 you will receive 180 points. Points will be confirmed after the order is updated to Admin's "Delivered" status.

Each point has a value that can be redeemed for vouchers. For example:

a) 200 points  = Voucher worths RM3.00

b) 1,000 points = Voucher  worths RM15.00

c) 2,000 points = Voucher worths RM30.00

Points can be redeemed for vouchers at any time without a minimum point limit. You can use a voucher that has been redeemed on any purchase at

Referral Reward

You can refer your friend to Maximum of 5 people. How, please enter your friend's email address in the space provided in the "Referral Program" menu. You will get a RM6 voucher if your friend signs up and is shopping at

How to redeem Reward Points to Vouchers

Reward Points can be checked at the "My Account" page  ( after your login.

You can redeem rewards points for the Voucher for use at the time of purchase. As in the example below, "Available" points (not yet converted) are 100 points. You just need to press the conversion button (marked red in the picture below) to convert your reward points to the Voucher.


After a conversion is made, you can always check the Voucher in the "My Vouchers" menu.

How to use a Voucher on a Purchase

You just need to "copy" and "paste" the Voucher Code on the Checkout Page as shown below. Fill in the room and press OK.


1. Each gift point / point reward will go through the verification process. Point will switch to "Available" status once the Admin updates your purchase to "Delivered" status. In the event of a cancel order, the reward points will be canceled / withdrawn.

2. Rewards points to all products available on the web and vouchers earned / redeemed can also be used for all products.

Thank you for your loyalty.